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Heron in Frederiksberg Have, Copenhagen.I like geocaching for a number of good reasons. One of the reasons is that this sport has made me visit a lot of seeworthy, beautiful, impressive places I have never seen or even heard of before.


A bit of ArktiS' history

Original StashOn July 19, 2013 at 08:30 am. ArktiS visited the spot where the first geocache in the World – today marked with the »Original Stash Tribute Plaque« – was placed by Dave Ulmer on May 3, 2000 just a few days after Selective Availability (SA) was turned off by order of the U.S. President Bill Clinton so it no longer only was the U.S. military that would get accurate GPS positions from the satellites. When Selective Availability (SA) was turned off the accuracy of civilian GPS was increased from apx. 330 ft to about 66 ft. This accelerated the use of GPS for car navigation and geocaching as we know it today.


10 years with GeocahingOn January 5, 2013 at 11 am. it was precisely 10 years ago ArktiS found his first cache, »All Red Trees«, which was found on January 5, 2003 at 11 am.


Groundspeak HeadquartersOn July 13, 2011 at 02:00 pm. ArktiS visited the »Mecca of Geocaching« in Seattle, Washington, USA, and logged the cache »Groundspeak Headquarters« at 02:08 as his 'Found it!' no. 1,293. The 8 minutes did not pass because the cache was hard to find, but there were other geocachers in the queue ...


ArktiS found no. 1,000On Maj 6, 2007 at 01:10 pm. ArktiS found geocache no. 1,000, and became a proud member of »Club 1,000«, which actually only means that a geocacher has found 1,000 caches or more.


ArktiS' GéoLutin »CanYouCache the Dragon«On September 6, 2003 ArktiS became the first Danish geocacher to register his own GéoLutin»CanYouCache the Dragon«. GéoLutins are French "parallels" to Travel Bugs. ArktiS' GéoLutin»CanYouCache the Dragon« – reached its destination in Austria but disappeared shortly after.


Bad weather at »North of Broen«, Malmö, Sweden.On July 27, 2003 ArktiS became the first Danish geocacher to log a 'Found it!' number 200. The cache »North of Broen« is located in Malmö, Sweden, and was found just before the weather turned extremely bad.


ArktiS No. 1 in DenmarkFrom July 2003 to February 2004 ArktiS was no. 1 on the list of Danish geocachers with the highest number of found caches.


»Man or Mouse?« – Danish Event-Cache 2004On May 22, 2004 Gundrup & ArktiS managed the great big Danish event cache, »Man or Mouse?« – Danish Event-Cache 2004. The first round was »Geocaching Classic«, and the cache »Man or Mouse?« – GC 06 has been been kept alive since then to commemorate the event. It is still active. The second round was »Geocaching Special«, and consisted of eksperimental caches, ie. Gundrup's innovative version of the the first Danish nano-cache: A microscopic plastic tube drilled into a stone, and left amongst apx. 25 similar stones in the forest, Ravnsholtskoven.


Bongo 2003On May 24, 2003 Gundrup & ArktiS after putting some real effort into it won the great big Danish event cache of the year, Bongo 2003, which also meant that they had to organize the great big Danish event cache, »Man or Mouse?« – Danish Event-Cache 2004, the following year.


Logging »The First in Hareskov« in Værløse.On January 5, 2003 at 11:10 am. ArktiS logged his first cache, »All Red Trees«, and on February 12, 2003 at 02:03 pm. ArktiS logged his second cache, »The First in Hare-skov«.

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